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November 7, 2012
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Arthur x Child!Reader
~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~

Do not show her affection, because it allows her to grow up.

"Arthur, dude why are you down? Did something happen?" Alfred asked only slightly worried about the Englishman's emotional state. Looking up at Alfred, Arthur's peridot colored eyes filled with sorrow, looking away from Alfred, Arthur mumbled.

"I've done it again…"

Alfred's ears picked up on the mumbled words. Taking a bite of the wax papered hamburger, setting the second one atop of Arthur's head, speaking in between bites. "What have you done again? Chase off another girl?" Arthur decided that now would be a good chance to cut into Alfred's train on thought.

"What?! You stupid git n-." cut short by the sound of Alfred's fist hitting his hand the American yelled. "AH-HA-HA-HA! I know what you did again~ you made another person sick with your tasteless food!! Am I right or am I right?!" Alfred finished, sounding sure of himself, smacking the blond boy upside the head, Arthur stood up furious and yelled.

"Hell no you stupid git! Freaking asshat! No, I….I made a young girl cry and scream at me. I think she hates me now…" Arthur trailed off, remembering the look on (y_n)'s face when he tore the rose out of her small hands, crushing the rose, her first gift right in front of her eyes.

Chuckling, Arthur continued. "Hahaha….she must see me as a monster now….after all I did the same thing to you didn't I?" Alfred stared at Arthur, worried about his 'Fatherly' figures wellbeing. Grabbing the hamburger off the top of his head he began munching on his food again.

"I doubt that (y_n) hates you Arthur. But….with the way the Queen forces you to treat her…it's no wonder why she wouldn't feel a little bit of hate towards you." Shocked, Arthur was silenced by Alfred's words, the American continued. "And well….she's only making you treat (y_n) that way because of me, she doesn't want another country to turn out like me."

How…how did he know this? Patting the America on the back Arthur laughed. "Hahhahaha, that's funny! Where'd you put the real Alfred? He wouldn't say something like this….Tony did you take over his body or something?" slightly annoyed Alfred swatted the hand away, staring at Arthur he replied.

"Take (y_n) out somewhere, or do something that she likes doing. I'm sure you must know a little bit about her to be able to do something simple like that." Alfred fumed, walking away huffing and puffing about how Arthur is a 'jerk face', or an 'ass'. Deciding that Alfred does have a point, Arthur quickly gathered his papers and made a mad dash for his home, where you are always waiting for him inside your little home.

~ x ~  x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~

Unsure of why Arthur is grinning like an idiot, you allowed the blond haired man to carry you on the top of his head. Letting the breeze hit your face, the cool breeze feeling good on your face, after all this is merely your third time being outside Arthur's house, and away from your fishbowl.

Grabbing tiny handfuls of Arthur's hair, you breathed in and out, enjoying the fresh air. Arthur casted you a glance, smiling he stopped in front of a fabric store. Entering the shop, he peaked your interest, walking towards some neutral colored fabric he smiled saying.

"Alright, (y_n) pick any color that you like, I'll buy it for you and make you a new cloak to wear when I am gone, and I guess I could make you a few other things as well…" a faint blush laced the Englishman's cheeks, letting you know that he was more than a little bit embarrassed.

But nevertheless, you climbed down to Arthur's shoulder, holding onto the fabric of his green jacket, smiling you pointed at your (f_c) fabric. "I want that one….and ooooh! That one tooo!" you let yourself run wild, pointing at all the fabrics that caught your eye, or you're found visually pleasing.

Once you were done shopping for fabric, Arthur left the store with a small wave to the elderly lady running it with her golden Labrador retriever. The two of you entered a shop that you have never been in before.

People, who you guessed were either a family or a couple, were sitting at the tables. Happily chattering with one another, Arthur took a seat next to the window, far away from the prying eyes of other people.

Placing a book in front of you with words and prices on it, Arthur smiled down at you as he said. "Pick anyone of those that sound good, kay." Looking up at the Englishman far beyond confused you placed your finger over something that read, 'French Bean Vanilla Ice Cream'.

Arthur seemed to grimace at your choice, asking you if you'd like to pick again. Staring him down you replied. "No….I want this one." Giving into your determined stare, Arthur bought the ice cream, a lady in a maid like outfit said she would bring it back in a few minuets.

Placing a green glass bowl in front of you with a big silver spoon, Arthur took a little bit of the cold white treat off the top, placing the spoon against your lips eating the food with much vigor you slapped your hands against your head.

Groaning you mumbled. "My brain hurts…." Arthur chuckled, "Hahah, you ate the ice cream too fast (y_n) so you have a brain freeze right now." Staring at the Englishman you grabbed the spoon and quickly ate the rest, making both your stomach and head hurt, Arthur asked for a container of some sort to take the ice cream home in. Worried about you, because you looked more than little bit sick, your face seemed to turn three to four different shades of green after consuming the whole spoonful of ice cream.

Allowing you to sit in the breast pocket on his jacket, you felt yourself doze of from the sound of Arthur's heart beat.

~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~ x ~

Upon opening your eyes, you figured that you were at home, the room you reside in dark, with only a little bit of light from what you're guessing was the TV, lighting the room. Moving around you learned that you were not in your fish bowl, but you were cuddled next to Arthur.

Arthur's body heat warming you to the core, and the familiar soothing sent of teat and cologne sticking to your small cloak caused you to smile, standing you placed a small kiss on Arthur's nose.

"Thank you….thank you for today Arthur."

With that you curled up back against Arthur's chest, allowing the sound of another human heartbeat to lull you into a deep slumber, finding the sound and warmth of a living human to be better than the cold night air, and the sound of the nightly creatures outside.
Well...I hope that you like this chapter, sorry for the long wait I've been really busy with school. ;~; Decided I would be lazy for a while and can pretty much guess that I'm playing the catch up game. xDD

[link] < Chapter Three

Chapter Five > [link]

Hetalia/ England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself
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