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January 21, 2013
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Arthur x Child!Reader

[ Arthur's P.O.V ]

This is the happiest I've seen (y_n) since she was put under my care. She's grown a good bit, from the love and affection I've given her, she's about the size of America when I found him all of those years ago. Three months, three months have passed since I started showing (y_n) kindness.

It was hard for me to believe that America played a small part in the joy and happiness (y_n) has been able to obtain. But, I had to do all of this carefully under the Queen's radar. For if she were to learn that I'm treating (y_n) with kindness, showing her affection and allowing her to grow up…then I would most defiantly be punished.

But, right now seeing the smile on (y_n)'s face while she ran around my rose garden full of energy. Hiding from the man mythical creatures that originated or live in England in this simple game of tag. The creatures enjoying it as well, mostly the fairies and Flying Mint Bunny.

Teaching (y_n) as many things as I could teach a young growing country before they would become bored and take a nap. Having moved (y_n) into her own room she proceeded to draw on the walls, pictures of flowers, Flying Mint Bunny, and after asking me so many times if I could paint the Great Eight's flags on her ceiling I gave in, letting (y_n) redraw the French flag after my 'accidentally' messing it up.

That damn frog would come over and watch (y_n) and entertain her while I did my work. Leaving after he made her a small snack, telling the young country that he would visit when ever the next chance arises. Which is one in a blue moon for him, but I've become more tolerant of the frog because of (y_n).

Canada and America visiting me as a pair when their countries did not need them for anything specific. (Y_n) taking a shine to the quite country, adoring his small Polar Bear whose name always slips my mind. She's okay around America, she was a bit shy at first because of his personality, but she's even warmed up to the rowdy country.

I loved watching how she acted around my family, though…were broken up and a bit unorganized around one another were still a family. Having hurt the other, but we've also protected one another when the time called for it.

Another smile forming on my lips while I allowed my mind to wander to the conversation a month ago.  Listening to (y_n) the young country talking about the waxing in the waning of the moon. Then, about a deer that's always appearing in her dreams, I was slightly startled when she said that it had come to her in a dream and took her away from my house.

Though, I was alarmed (y_n) eased my worry that the deer would always bring her back to visit me. The deer warning her that she had to leave, that she had to leave soon or something bad would happen. What (y_n) was not sure of, all she could really tell me is that she felt something really bad would happen soon.

The sound of someone ringing my door bell caught my attention, (y_n) stopped frozen paralyzed with fear. Patting her head and reassuring her that it was most likely the paper boy or the people of my land asking for charity. This seemed to give (y_n) minor comfort.

Leaving her in the garden, I entered my home only to come face to face with two of the Queen's most loyal guards, and one bitchy human woman who needed to learn her place.

Her perfume invading my senses, making it hard to breath. Showing no emotion whatsoever  so ever I talked in a low voice.  

"What are you doing in my home? You may be the dutiful human workers for my lands Queen, but you have no right to just barge into my home in any attempt to disrupt the peace I've created for (y_n)…now leave before your presence upsets her." my words turned into a snarl, the guards backing down while the woman stood there, hiding her eyes behind her glasses.

"(Y_n) is the reason that we are here, her people are standing up to England now. Showing resistant when we try to  use military force against them to make them bow down to us." upon hearing those words it felt as if someone's hand had wrapped tightly around my heart, squeezing whatever life was left in it.

"Military…? Why in the bloody hell are you using the military against (y_n)'s country!!! They are not a military powered country! There merely a peaceful island a few miles away from England!"

"The reason for their resistance England is because they want (y_n) back…her country has grown. Something the Queen had forbidden."

The Queen…yes, a kind woman found (y_n) when she visited the tiny island. Thinking that she was a cursed child of some sort, she brought (y_n) in hopes that I would be able to help her. Though the Queen asked me to help her, she also asked me if I could keep her this size forever. I could tell that the Queen wanted to protect (y_n)…but she went about it the wrong way an unintentionally hurt the young country.

Shaking my head I sighed as I said. "Yes, the Queen has forbidden that I allow (y_n) to grow up, but her growth not only comes from affection from other's, but from her people. You cannot stun a countries growth for long or it will hurt them, destroying their land and hurting their people."

The woman stood there, biting her lower lip. "How dare you talk down to me? You may be the physical representation of our country 'England' but you are merely a servant of the Queen. Know your place when you talk to her followers!"

Followers, upon hearing the word I couldn't help but laugh.

"Followers? What side of the followers do you fall on woman? Doing horrid things behind the Queen's back such as attacking  a small island whom cannot defend themselves? An island the Queen swore to protect until they would be able to take care of themselves?"

I could see the woman trembling in anger, biting her lip as her eyes were filled with rage. Stepping forward, far to fast for the guards to react she pulled a gun from behind her coat, pointing it directly at my head she screamed.

"Good bye England! Long live the Queen~"

The shot echoed in my home, the startled scream of (y_n) echoing as I fell to the ground. The guards restraining the woman who shot me in the head. (Y_n)'s tear stained face appeared in my quickly fading vision.

Reaching out to touch her face, running my hand down her face touching her eyes, nose, and lips I smiled as I said. "Everything will be alright (y_n)…" my voice trailing off (y_n) taking my hand shaking it as she tried to pull me back up onto my feet.

But to no avail, the guards having restrained the woman returned to my fallen form. One holding (y_n) in her arms while the other one helped me, calling in the attack and a dispatch unit to attend to my wound. (Y_n) squirmed in the female guards arms, crying and screaming.

A small smile on my face, I slowly closed my eyes. (Y_n)'s screams turning into some inhuman form of screaming/screeching. Reaching out with her small hand, trying to touch my face knowing full and well that she would not be able to. Tears cascading down her face at an even faster pace, the hazy form of a deer with magnificent antlers appearing behind (y_n) and the female guard.

It's deep brown eyes showing the intelligence that Canada's bear shows.  So…she's just like Canada? Soon my eyes were completely shut, I could hear the guard yelling into the phone for the dispatch unit to hurry up and get here, the woman who shot me laughing like a madman, while out of all of those voices, and the sound of my slow beating heart (y_n)'s voice was the only one I focused on.


Then, I couldn't feel or see anything, darkness had wrapped his loving and cold embrace around me. Pulling me into a deep slumber.
:iconcannotevenplz: Shit went down, that is all that I will say~

Sorry for the long wait for this update!! I suffered from a very bad writers block on how to end this chapter. I do hope that you liked it and a big thank you to :iconasuye: or this update would not have been posted today~ leave a comment about your thoughts on this chapter!

*Prepares for tears by giving everyone a tissue, and hiding behind a wall*

[link] < Chapter Five

Final Chapter > [link]

Hetalia/ England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself
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