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January 24, 2013
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Arthur x Child!Reader

[Arthur's P.O.V]

The meeting room of all of the countries was soon filled with the sounds of many different voices. Each ranging in pitches from high to low, to voices you would not expect one to be capable of having. Many different greetings were exchanged in the words of ones country, hugs, and more than a few tears were seen and or given that day.

A small smile started to form on my face, placing my hand against the small scar on the side of my temple where the woman had shot me twenty years ago. Leaving me unconscious for a year or two, I'm not sure.

I remember waking up to the sight of that stupid Frog, America, and Canada crying, my eyes immediately searching the room for the familiar face of (y_n) only for the Frog to place his hand on my shoulder.

Shaking his head while America and Canada averted their eyes from my gaze, looking at my family I remember asking where (y_n) was.

“Wh-where is (y_n)? Is she okay?” my voice soon trailed off into what most would consider hysteria but, alas my emotions were in check, completely under my control. Only for my heart to come to a complete halt at what stood before me a few moments later.

A young teenage girl with the same eye colored orbs as (y_n). Her long (h_c) reaching the middle of her back, raising her hand to place the back of it against her mouth, tears cascading down her face as she said.

“England…your okay….your okay.” Taking my hand into her’s, the girl held onto it as if it where her life line, looking at me with those tear filled (e_c) orbs similar to (y_n)’s she stood up, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and continued to cry.

Startled, a bit unsure of what to do, I looked to America for help. Only for the wheat haired boy to send me a lopsided grin as he walked towards the door to my hospital room along with Canada and the Frog.

“Well…I think we should leave the two of you to get reacquainted with one another…seems like the best thing to do.”

With that the door closed behind my family, leaving me alone with the crying girl, wiping away her tears with the white sheets on my hospital bed a nervosa chuckle pouring out of my mouth while I spoke.

“S-so who are you if I might ask?” looking at me a bit startled before flashing me a small smile the girl stood up away from me while saying. “Ah~ stupid England it’s me!! (Y_n)!!! I’ve grown up~”

I felt my lose hands turn into fist; this girl…this girl is (y_n)? Bu-but how?! How did she grow up in such little time?! Opening my mouth to ask (y_n) if she decided that she was going to leave me, a sad smile appeared on her features while she spoke.

“Yes, England….I’ve become independent. Now another human like that will not come along and hurt you. But please…do not be sad. I will come and see you ever single Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That’s the promise that I made to the Queen when I asked to be independent.”

The Queen…so she allowed (y_n) to become independent…to stand on her own two feet. I can only imagine how (y_n) looked while she was asking the Queen for her freedom. Though…I cannot imagine the Queen’s sadness at (y_n)’s request.

For the Queen love for (y_n) was boundless, having found (y_n) when she was young and what she thought to be a defenseless child. Averting my gaze from (y_n) my hands still two fist I mumbled.

“Get out…”

“W-what?” (y_n) mumbled a startled look on her face while she stood up looking at me eyes full of worry while I repeated the same two words. “Get out…”

“Why? Why do you want me to leave England?”

Looking at (y_n) hurt in my eyes I yelled, “Because you’re leaving me as well! Just like everyone else has! So just go before I do something….do something that I’ll regret!” stumbling over her own two feet, (y_n) opened the door and slammed it shut.

Laying my head back on my pillow, using my arm to hide my eyes from my family when the entered my room once more. I could hear the Frog sigh, scolding me while America stood there, with a sad smile on his face as he said.

“Why…why is it that you can only hurt (y_n) when she’s done everything in her powers to protect you?”

The sound of footsteps receding away from my room left me in silence, while I laid there
chuckling I mumbled to myself.

“I’m…not sure…I guess it’s my way of protecting myself.”

Slowly dragging myself out of my memories, my eyes landed on the familiar form of (y_n). Her beauty stunning me as usual, her soft (e_c) orbs landing on me. A small smile forming on her face while she sent me a small wave, saying a polite goodbye to Ukraine before she approached me.

Standing before me in all of her glory, holding her hand out for me to take into my own. Shaking her hand, (y_n) quickly pulled it away from mine, a soft smile appearing on her face once again as she asked.

" do I look this year? The flowers are blooming nicely again this year." chuckling I looked at the flowers that had started to bloom on the antlers that had formed atop of her head ten years ago.

The soft pink flowers looking down at me, smiling (y_n) plucked one off the antler, holding it out for me to take, only to pull the flower out of my reach and place it behind my ear,  smiling at her work (y_n)stepped back while she said.

"The pink suites you nicely England...I can only wonder how the Forget-Me-Not's would look in your hair~" (y_n) poorly hid the giggle that bubbled up in her throat, looking at (y_n) with a soft smile on my face I touched her fair skin with my hand stroking it with my thumb.

"I'm sure that it would not look good on a git like me, but I'm sure that the Forget-Me-Not's look magnificent on you (y_n)." placing a small kiss on her forehead, I pulled away to see (y_n) blushing, chuckling I said.

"Hahah, did I embarrass you again (y_n)?" shaking her head 'no' (y_n) took my hand into her's pulling me towards the room for the meeting to begin she smiled saying.

"No...but our fooling around will make us late~" I couldn't help but agree with her, walking along side (y_n) I remembered when her antlers first appeared, the former spirit of her country was a buck, a beautiful buck at that.

Flowers blooming on it's antlers with the change of the season, once (y_n) accepted her roll the buck became apart of her. Leaving her with the antlers, a sign of her being the physical representation of her country.

(Y_n) thought that we would think poorly of her because of her strange heritage from the buck, but there were a few cases in the past where animal spirits merged with a country and said country received some physical characteristic of the animal.

Tightening my grip on (y_n)'s hand, looking up at me with a small smile on her face we entered the world meeting room together. Hand in hand, unafraid to show the others that we are still close.

Taking our seats the meeting started, as usual nothing was decided and no problems were solved. (Y_n) sitting there with her eyes closed, absorbing all of the information before she stood up and left the meeting leaving a small piece of paper near my folded hands.

Watching (y_n) while she walked out of the door I read the small words on the piece of paper, feeling tears stinging my eyes while I read the words.


I remember I started out hating you.
Hating you for keeping me hidden away from the world, and not loving me.
But, as the years went past I understood why.
So, my hate for you slowly faded away.
Then, the day you were shot really showed me how far you were willing to go to protect me.
It's okay if you decided to keep on hating me.

I...I just want you to know that I asked for independence so nothing like that would happen again.
I was scared, and alone.
So, please even if you still hate me...I would like for you to come to my birthday.
It would make me very happy to see you on my big day.

PS: And England...I do not hate you, I understand the reason for everything you did in the past. So... even if you hate me, I do not hate you. I hold no ill will towards you, though as a child I did, but now...I do not.


England...I could never hate you now that I know all of the things you went through to keep me safe, and happy as a child.

Reading the words printed on the paper again, and again I stood up running towards the window throwing it open my eye's focused on (y_n) standing at her car. Taking a deep breath I yelled.


(Y_n)'s (e_c) orbs locked onto me, looking up at me a bit startled I yelled.

"I'll be there...I'll be there this year."

A smile started to form on (y_n)'s face, tears filling her eyes as she yelled back a quick 'See you there' before she stepped into her car, driving away.

Leaning against the wall I couldn't help but cry, I'm happy. I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm so happy...I'm so happy. I to understand what (y_n) was trying to do all of those years ago. Walking out to my own car, looking at the sky a smile forming on my lips I mumbled.

"I'm happy to know that you do not hate me (y_n)..." with that said, I stepped into my own car driving away, holding the note close to my chest smiling I decided on what to buy (y_n) for her birthday.

What would be the best thing to get for her?

Hate Me |Fin|
Well~ this is the final chapter for Hate Me! I do hope that you enjoyed reading this story, I know I enjoyed writing it! Sorry if this wasn't the ending you thought this story would have, but I made it this way because this is how I planned to end it when after the first chapter was posted.

Also....I'm a bit distracted by Earthbound atm. But, other than that I think if there was a character to look like reader-chan they would be very pretty! Antlers sitting on your head just chilling out with flowers blooming, sounds nice.

And kind of like :iconsawsbuckplz: .w.

[link] < Chapter Five

The Beginning > [link]

Hetalia/ England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself or -----> :iconenglandplz:
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MarshaDecamiro Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
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