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November 9, 2012
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Romano x Reader

"You know…I've always liked your girl."

The words haunted him, dancing in his mind. Distorting (and if not destroying), all of his thoughts. Romano pushed past the huge crowd of people, reaching for your receding figure. Fear choking him stopping the Italia from screaming your name. Another huge wave of humans leaving to go to work or school caused Romano to lose sight of you in the sea of human flesh.

It was only then that he was able to scream your name. But to no avail were you able to hear him upon boarding the subway train to your collage and place of work. Your eyes focused on the other side of the train opposite of him. His cries and screams lost to the arrival of another train and the departure of yours.

His words lost in the void created by the 'wind' by the coming and going of the trains.


"You know…I've always liked your girl."

How could he say that?! How could Spain say that?! He knows full and well that Romano is going out with you so…how could he say something like that?

"And you know….I think (y_n) has always liked me as well."

No, no, no! Those words….there all lies! (Y_n)….your in love with him right….right? What is he saying?! Of course your in love with him, you've kissed him and everything…well at least almost everything that is. After all, he wasn't ready to pound you into his bed yet; he wants to take things slowly with you.

Wandering around, Romano found himself in front of your collage. Meandering around in the empty hallways, Romano came to a complete halt at Spain's classroom, his eyes landing on the two of you alone, your face laced with a bright pink. Tinting your usual pale features a bright red, all the way to the tip of your ears.

"I think (y_n) has always liked me as well."

The words, the hurt, and the pain all mixed into one, slamming the door open, caused for both you and Spain to jump. Grabbing your wrist the brunet dragged you away, earning a startled 'Romano what are you doing?' from you, and some kind of smug look from Spain. Dragging you out the collages front door, towards the park that the two of you often go to when you are both free.

Trying to catch his breath, to see past his red haze of anger, past the image of your face laced with such a bright blush, shaking his head he tried to clear his thoughts. Worried, you tightened your hand around his reassuringly giving it a few small squeezes before Romano looked back at you.

Smiling you asked. "Romano…what's wrong? Did…did something happen?" you asked, causing Romano to smile, all of his anger fading away at the sound of your kind voice and smile that quickly follows after you finish speaking.

"Hey…(y_n)…." Romano mumbled, trailing off worrying you a bit since he usually just comes out and says what's on his mind. "What is it Romano? Your acting strange…"

'Yeah….and you're not acting any different….what's going on with you and Spain?'  Romano's thoughts were a mixed up mess, unsure of what to say, Romano began to form the words on his tongue, only to see the smiling face of Spain as he said.

"You know…I've always liked your girl. And you know….I think (y_n) has always liked me as well."

Losing the ability to think clearly, Romano pulled you into a tight hug, burying his face in the crown of your (h_c) breathing in your familiar, and comforting sent he yelled. "(Y_n) please don't leave me…please tell me that you only love me and not that stupid Spain." Once he was finished, Romano wished that he could take back his words, laugh it off and say it was a joke.

But you held onto him, your small hands full of the material on his shirt, your eyes wide with worry, but full of love you replied. "I'll stay with you Romano; I told you that I would….but…what made you think that I like Spain?"

Feeling a blush burning its way across his face, Romano wasn't sure how to answer you but nonetheless, he spoke what was on his mind. "W-well…you were blushing and Spain was smiling…the two of you were all alone and Spain said that you….that he thinks you might like him….more than you do me."

Staring at Romano, confused, but then a smile over took your kind features, laughing you managed to get one hand free, ruffling Romano's hair, you spoke. "Hahah, Romano of course I love you, why would you think any different?"

"B-because you were blushing in front of Spain…" Romano mumbled, trying to hide his blushing face from your view, you replied. "Hahah, Spain was telling me of a story about you when you were a child, and showed me some pictures of you. Romano…you were so cute as a child~" "Sh-shut up you stupid ragazza!" Romano yelled, the blush burning even brighter on his face. Giggling you asked. "And what made you think that I would like Spain while I'm with you?"

"B-because he said that he's always liked you….an-and he said that you've always liked him as well." Feeling the blush burn even brighter, you looked a bit shocked, then you started laughing, pulling Romano down to your level, placing your forehead against his as a sign of comfort you replied.

"Hahah, Spain was talking about your cute little curl Romano. I've always love it, and he's know that since we've know one another." Romano couldn't believe his ears, so he'd misheard what Spain was saying?! Crouching down, cuddling his knees close to his chest Romano tried to hide his embarrassment from you, smiling you took a seat in front of him on the ground as well.

Placing your forehead against the crown of his hair he mumbled. "No I feel stupid…you must think I'm an idiot (y_n)…" Romano trailed off when he felt your thin, nimble fingers wrap around his chin, forcing him to look at you, smiling you replied.

"No your not Romano, its okay to freak out like this ever once and a while…it lets me know that you care about me." A soft smile spread across your face, causing Romano's heart to swell, filling up with so much joy that he couldn't contain himself.

Pulling you close, his lips claiming yours he couldn't help but express how he was feeling by doing this. So…maybe mishearing words everyone and a while is good…if he's able to do this.

"You know Romano….I think (y_n) likes your curl. Then again…I think she always has."

I hope that you all like this one-shot! :) I had a good bit of fun coming up with the story itself, it was a nice change of pace and it was fun having a play on misheard words.

Also... feel free to pull Romano's curl~ the curl pulling tends to fill up my inbox pull thy Romano's curl with your minds!!!

Hetalia/ S. Italy (Romano) (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself

Edit 4/19/13: Wahh! Oh my god, thank you so much for all of the favs!!! Q^Q I didn't think this story would get so many likes! I'm happy to see that you all enjoy it though!
Edit 5/5/13: :iconcryforeverplz: This is now my most viewed and favorited deviation. I'm so happy to know that all of you like this one-shot! It make's me really happy that even tough I posted this November 9th of 2012. You are all still reading it and enjoying it, and that make's me very happy. c:
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