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December 1, 2012
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Germany x Male!Reader

Staring into the light blue eyes's of the blond haired German man in front of you, you couldn't  help but feel as if those eyes were pulling you towards the owner of those hypnotic eyes. It felt almost as if you were in a trance, one that you would never want to break free of, but the said blue eyed German pulled you out of your trance by speaking.

"(Y_n) there something on my face?" a bit startled by the German's voice, (man even his thick German accent was having an affect on you)waving your hands around you yelled. "Wh-what? No, no there's nothing on your face Mr...Mr... um.." the German sighed, as if he's dealt with this on more than one occasion.  "Ludwig... Ludwig Belischmidt."

"Ah, I apologize for not knowing your name Mr. Belischmidt." checking out the books that Ludwig wanted to check out, all three books being manuals about something related to relationships and kissing. A small chuckle rolled off your tongue causing Ludwig to look at you with a small smile started to appear on his face. "If there is nothing on my face then vhat are you staring at? And vhy are you laughing?!"

"Because Mr. Belischmidt your the only one in my entire time here whose ever checked out manuals about relationships and kissing." "And vhat is funny about that?" shaking your head you smiled again, "Hahah, I'm not laughing because it's funny I'm laughing because I think it's cute." Ludwig blushed at your words, rendered speechless the blond looked at you to then to his books, mumbling a quick goodbye, waving goodbye to Ludwig you continued to do your job as a librarian.


Every few days you would see Ludwig at the check out counter, having a conversation with the stern German male. The days where you were not working the check out counter, Ludwig wandered around the library to find you, though Ludwig quickly yelled that he wasn't looking for you. Earning more than a few stares, and shushes. Ludwig cheeks started to burn, averting his eyes from yours for a few minuets allowing you to resume putting the books in the right place.

Pushing the book cart to the rightful place to finish putting the books up so you could finish your shift. Wanting to go home and finish your collage major work. Ludwig noticed that you'd moved and started to put up more books, seeing you yawn for about the fifteenth time since his finding you Ludwig reached into the cart, taking out a few books and helping you put them up. Looking at Ludwig, exhausted and a bit surprised you mumbled.

"Oh. Mr. Belischmidt you don't have to help me. I can finish this on my should start heading home..." another yawn Ludwig pushed his glasses up further on his nose. A blush dusting his face as he leaned down, his face close to yours, his light blue eyes staring right into your soul. Feeling a blush forming on your face, sweat running down the back of your neck, Ludwig leaned forward placing his lips against yours, pulling away the blush on his face even darker than before, a shocked you starting at Ludwig as he said.

"(Y_n)....I'm going to help you put these books up so we can go home together  no sense in my leaving you here when I can help you get your work done faster...and stop calling me Mr. Belischmidt ..aren't couples supposed to call each other by their first names? Or something like that."  smiling you stood up on your tip toes, placing a small feather light kiss on Ludwig's cheek, the blush on his face that had faded away mere seconds ago, reappeared when you pulled away.

"Alright Ludwig...let's finish this so we can go home." putting the last few books away, Ludwig helped you into your winter jacket, making sure that your scarf was wrapped around your neck, carrying your back pack on his shoulder, even though you told Ludwig that you could carry your own bag, German refused to give you the backpack. Sighing, you scratched the back of your head, a smile on your face as you took Ludwig's hand into yours.

A small smile slowly made it's way onto his face. Standing underneath a light, holding both of your hands Ludwig leaned down and kissed your lips.
Well, this is a one-shot that I made over on my Quotev account, since there's very little love for the Male!Reader x Male!Countries. c:

Sorry if this is crappy and was supposed to be all fluffy and cute. Not sure if it came out to well though...I already have a few request to play around with. are next~ :3

Prussia: [link]
Romano: [link]
Italy: [link]
England: [link]
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Japan: [link]
Romania: [link]
Romania: [link]
South Korea:[link]
Denmark: [link]
Norway: [link]
Japan Pt. 2: [link]
Netherlands: [link]
Pirate!England: [link]

Germany (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself or ---> :iconsexygermanyplz:
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