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October 24, 2012
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"That child is alone."

"He's all alone….so alone…will anyone calm that loneliness in his heart?"

Hateful voices…worried voices, Matthew has reached his limit. He can no longer stand hearing them, clutching the bear in his arms, crushing the bear against his chest he runs. He runs as far away as he can, as fast as his legs can carry him.

Not caring where he ended up, he just wanted to get away. He could no longer stand to hear all of the pity in the voices around him, biting his lip hard enough blood began to escape from the soft flesh. Ignoring the pain Matthew pressed himself on, he could still hear the voices.

"That child is alone…"

No, no, no! He's not alone! He has Kumajiro with him! He has his father France! He's not alone!

"Tch, he's but a mere duplicate of the America fellow."

No he's not a duplicate of America! Of course they look alike, but their tow different people. While America is outgoing and brave, Matthew is merely quite, and accepts the beatings that he receives because of his strong resemblance to America.

"Ah…it looks like its going to rain soon…we should go in."

The familiar sound of your gentle voice broke Matthew's train of thought. Sending the boy sprawling out on the forest ground, standing up on shaky legs, Matthew could see a small light in the distance. The sneers from the people returned, haunting Matthew's mind and vision, sending the boy back onto his knees, shaking his head, his small bear staring at him, his eyes full of worry.

Screaming, screaming for you to come and save him from this place Matthew was met with silence. You had not appeared to save him, no…no…you were always here, you were always here to save him. To come to his rescue, did you…no, you're probably listening to your music.

Yeah, that's what it is. You're not ignoring him; you're not joining in with the sneers of the people who keep saying that he's alone. You're probably standing up for him again, or making dinner. Moving his shaky, body Matthew picked up his faithful friend, who seemed a bit worried about him.

Sending the bear a small half assed smile, Matthew continued to walk towards the light of the cabin, the door was open; inviting himself in Matthew could hardly believe the sight that lay before him.

Your lifeless eyes stared at the door, a smile on your face. Your blood surrounding your body in an almost beautiful display, causing Matthew to see you as if you were a blooming blood red rose. Your right hand lay forgotten on the wooden floor next to you, while your left one was being held by your attacker.

"Life is just a joke to the sneering Joker…he'll wait till the right moment to play his card."

Staring at the scene in complete horror, he tried to get a closer look at your attacker, he could see that its clearly a male, his shoulders were shaking, his crying could not be hidden, for he was taking big gulping breath's of air. The man has blond hair, a piece of it curling outwards; it doesn't seem that he's taken notice of Matthew yet. So he took another step towards the man.

"Tomorrow, you….No matter how much you try, you'll still die…."

Suddenly, the man's head snapped upwards, causing Matthew to jump and his eyes to dilate. He was once again reduced to shaking, for the man looking at him…was a mirror image of himself. But…he looks different, he looks as though he's lost his mind, your blood was splattered all over his face, sticking to his glasses on his lips.

As if he'd kissed your bloody figure.

A smile on his face he stood up, walking towards Matthew he whispered. "Hahaha…sorry…I didn't want to share (y_n) with anyone else…not even my ignorant self…." With that said, Matthew's look alike began to laugh like a madman, holding the object he used to kill you with in his hand, Matthew slowly felt his mind slipping away.

His world becoming black, while his mind was haunted by the look a likes laugher, and your lifeless eyes…that looked as if you'd accepted your death.


"Matthew! Matthew! What the hell are you doing in that box?!" your worried voice rang clearly in Matthew's ears, opening his eyes he could see that your hand was wrapped around his wrist, pulling him out of the box you continued to yell. "God! You told me that you wouldn't sit in a friggin box! And what do I see when I come back to grab my phone?! I see you climbing into that friggin box!"

Shocked a little bit more than out of it, Matthew was confused, what was he doing in a box? Why, was he in a box? Was he using it to runaway from his nightmares? To make him feel safe?

Soon, the two of you were lying down on your bed. Your arms wrapped around him as you said. "Now get some sleep!" confused beyond belief Matthew simply stared at you, his eyes full of wonder as you continued to speak. "If you have the nightmare about killing…then I'll stay with you…I'll make sure to chase that nightmare away…"

Hiding your face in his fluffy, blond hair you tried to avoid Matthew seeing your blushing face. This caused him to smile, wrapping his arms around you; he relaxed in the familiar warmth of your arms.

"Don't worry Matthew…I won't leave you alone…so you don't have to worry…"

Yes…he may have started out all alone, but…now he has you and the other countries are slowly becoming his friends, yes…yes he was no longer alone. Closing his eyes, Matthew willed himself to go to sleep, but just before his mind drifted off he mumbled.

"I love you….(y_n)…I love you so, so much…please don't leave me."

A small smile on your face you touched Matthew's forehead with your own to comfort him, blushing like mad you replied.

"Wh-whatever! Now hurry up and get some sleep! I'll be here to chase away all of your nightmares!" allowing his body to absorb your sent and your warmth, Matthew finally drifted off, after hearing you say.

"I…I love you to Matthew."
Well...I can't really say that this idea was a good one, but I'll play around with it again a little bit more to see if I can come up with anything better.
I'm sorry Canada...I made you have a really, really bad nightmare... ;~; forgives meh!

I own nothing~

EDIT: 9/8/2013
There's a DenNor doujin with a similar setting to what I did with Canada (the whole box thing) go and give it a read as well!
Thank you very much for telling me about that~…
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gigi9930 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Matthew is just a madman with a box
peepup1122 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Did you just
Peacebuggy Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so adorabubble
applekillingfanfirl Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
I remember reading a DenNor doujinshi that was shockingly similar to this ... not blaming anyone for copying, I love both this and that, and am now suggesting you should read it sometime. 

I forgot the name. Damn.
MarshaDecamiro Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
If there's a dojinshi out there similar to this I do not want to feel as if I copied.
; v ; 

applekillingfanfirl Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
ah, it's okay no don't worry about it buddy :icontherethereplz: I would have loved this story anyways even if I hadn't read that doujin. I love the way you write and how you set things and everything was just so asdghjklaasdhjdl and YAY.
MarshaDecamiro Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Yes!! Comforting broom rub! 
Haha-- but I am very thankful that you told me about the doujin. 

Waaah- thank you very much for the compliment. 
; v ;
applekillingfanfirl Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
:icontherethereplz: awww no problemz friend. I dunno if you ship DenNor but even if you don't it's really sweet. :iconiloveitplz:
MarshaDecamiro Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Haha~ DenNor is adorable! 
I found it and my little shipping heart for them was punched. 

; v ; 
I might toss up a link to the doujin since they share similarities. 
applekillingfanfirl Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Awww~ I'm glad you like it too.

And that sounds like a good idea ... they can compare and contrast ...
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