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May 4, 2013
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Fem!Canada x Fem!Reader

It felt as if you were looking right into a mirror. The girl standing in front of you looked oddly familiar, wearing a formal pink dress, her long blond hair, soft amethyst colored eyes hidden behind clear glass lenses.

Holding a small polar bear in her arms, the girl continued to stare at you, a soft smile on her face, her amethyst colored eyes filling to the brim with energy, that  small smile showing off her beautiful and well taken care of teeth.

"Ah, I'm happy to see you again  (y_n)~ it's been a while." the girl mumbled, holding out her hand for you to take, staring at her hand you slowly took her hand into your own. Shaking it some what hesitant but still you shook her hand, pulling her hand away from her's she continued.

"Ah, I guess I should introduce name is Maddie Williams...and I will be your senior while you are attending collage here..." Maddie trailed off, looking at the polar bear, and then to you she continued. "Oh! And this is Mr. Kumijiro! He's been with me ever since I was a little girl~"

Smiling, you petted the polar bears head, earning a soft content sound from the bear. Maddie smile as she took your hand into hers, pulling you along behind her she mumbled. "W-well then. Let's go to the lunch room then shall we?"

Nodding your head yes, you decided that it would be a good idea to follow Maddie, since she seems to have a good idea of where your supposed to go, and possibly what you'll have to do while you are here. But one thought just wouldn't leave you alone...

Where have you seen Maddie before?

The sound of soft tears hitting the piano key's reached your ears. Turning into the music room, your eyes landed on the petite figure of a girl with long hair, a polar bear sitting next to her. Trying to comfort  her, feeling your heart clench you walked towards her. Startling the girl, whom just sat there, holding her polar bear close, her amethyst colored eyes watching your every move from behind her clear glasses lens.

Looking at the musical sheet, you couldn't help but whistle. "Whoa~ your learning a hard piece here aren't you Princess?" the girl blinked, looking at you she mumbled. "Princess?" smiling you nodded your head as you replied.

"Yeah~ I mean just look at how your dressed! You look like a Princess, a beautiful Princess!"

The girl blushed, hiding her face she turned back to the keyboard, moving her nimble fingers over the keys, weaving a story with those notes. You couldn't help but join in, creating a nice mixture of music with the girl whom you soon started to call Princess. The girl never telling you her actual name, she would just sit there staring at the piano until you appeared.

Life seemed to appear in her eyes when you walked into the room. Though having no prior knowladge about how to play the piano you managed to do pretty well. Princess seemed to enjoy your addition to her music.

Smiling and laughing with you, the two of you soon started to become close friends. That is until she suddenly disappeared...

Excited to let Princess know that you were able to learn a small part of a song, only to find the music room empty. Returning to that music room every day, waiting for Princess to appear you soon learned that Princess had moved. Something about her family returning to live with the family in France for a while, then later on you heard rumors that she's now living in Canada with her family.

Slowly, opening your eyes rubbing the sleep out of them you looked at the watch on your wrist. 10:30 pm, that's the time that your watch is reading, standing up to stretched your stiff muscles you packed up your things. Yawning, you said good bye to the student whom watches over the library, walking out into hallway a familiar sound caught your attention.

Following the sound, running through the hallways like a bat out of hell you were soon standing in front of the music room.

Trying to catch your breath, reaching for the door knob with some hesitant you stood there, staring at the door. Reaching for the door knob, with a shaky hand to open it only for Arthur's yelling to reach your ears, the British man chasing you all the way back to your dorm.

Sitting there, staring at the ceiling you rolled onto your left side to go to sleep. Only to hear a soft knock on your door, guessing that Maddie was finally returning from visiting her family, you laid there acting as if you were asleep. The sound of your bed making a creaking noise, warm breath tickling your ear, and the familiar sound of Maddie's voice in your ear while she said.

"I thought that playing that would come and play with me again but..Arthur caught you. So...I'll keep on playing the song we made together...until you decide to join me." soft lips touched your neck, sending shivers down your spine, the soft lips slowly moving away.

A small laugh was heard, along with the creaking of your bed once more, Maddie's arms wrapping around your waist. Holding you close to her small form she mumbled.

"I want to sleep with you this for a little while longer." with that Maddie slowly drifted off into a deep slumber, once you were sure that she was completely asleep, you looked at her sleeping from, a smile on your face.

Kissing her forehead and moving her long blond hair out of her face. Laying her down to sleep on her own bed, petting Mr. Kumijiro on top of his head. Another soft noise was earned from the bear, smiling you whispered.

"It's finally see you again Princess."


"What is it (y_n)?"

"Love you lots~ no matter where you are or how far apart we are...I will always love you."
YES!!! Finally got around to posting Fem!Canda x Fem!Reader insert~ I'm so happy!!! I love Fem!Canada so much, but alas, I must leave Canada be for now and post the second part to the Fem!Romano x Fem!Reader soon along with the Fem!Denmark and Fem!France inserts. c:

Also, feel free to look at my most recent journal for I am doing one-shots for a few points. c:
^ Here's a link to the journal~ feel free to make a request if you would like.

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Hetalia/ Canada (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself or Fem!Canada ~
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