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England x Male!Reader

"Ah, (y_n) it's good to see that your awake. How are you feeling?" Arthur asked, ruffling your hair after you leaned down to his height level. Chuckling you scratched the bridge of your nose, smiling you replied. "Hahah~ I feel fine Arthur, oh and I'm ready for my visit to Kiku for my appointment." nodding his head in reply to your words, Arthur wrapped his hand around yours, giving it a small squeeze, buckling yourself into the passengers side of the car.

Arthur glancing at the review mirror as he pulled out of the driveway. Watching the people out of the window, amusing Arthur to no end. Arthur couldn't help but laugh, always finding your child like glee of seeing people in motion while your sitting still in the car. Turning to look at Arthur you mumbled. "Arthur...I'm still really sorry about this..." looking at you, Arthur's emerald green eyes sparkling with a mixture of worry and confusion as he spoke. "What are you sorry about (y_n)?" looking out the window, you slowly sank down into your seat, mumbling. "I'm sorry for getting sick and forcing you to live with me...and to take care of me."

Arthur merely stared at you, why were you apologizing to him again? This was his choice, a choice that he was happy to make. After all, your health was in danger if you were to live alone like you did before you'd gotten sick. Sighing, Arthur stopped at the red light, waiting for the light to turn red he placed his forehead on the steering wheel, a small smile on his face as he said. "(Y_n)...this was my choice to make. It's not like you went off on purpose just to get sick...this was something that happened over time, something that you couldn't quite avoid. But...I'm very happy that Kiku managed to figure out what was wrong with you....because...if he'd found out any later...then I'm not sure what I would have done if I'd lost you already."

Reaching out with his hand to touch your hair, running his fingers through your semi-bed head hair, you smiled. Relaxing as you leaned into Arthur's touch, enjoying the contact. Slowly, you fell asleep into a light slumber. Walking around in your dream world, you stood at the end of a small wooden dock, a flashlight in your hand as you looked at the dark waters that laid out before you. Leaning down, you allowed yourself to remember the horrible event that had occurred here. The death of your brother...your brother had drowned here, in this lake, and you couldn't do anything to save him.

Leaning over the edge of the dock, you could see a small ripple in the water leaning forward you tried to get a better view. Having this same event happen to you multiple times already, why not get it over faster than usual? A hand shot up from the water, a sickly pale white hand wrapped around your throat, choking the air out of you, pulling you into the freezing cold water, opening your eyes you couldn't help but be shocked at what you were looking at. Instead of looking at the black empty eyes of your were looking into the dull emerald green eyes of Arthur, placing a pale white finger against his lip, telling you to shush as you slowly lost your grip on this dream.

"(Y_N)! Wake up!!" your eyes snapped open at  the sound of Arthur screaming your name, looking at your surroundings you could see a familiar white ceiling, smell the all to familiar smell of antiseptic and blood. Yes, you were in the hospital for your monthly check up with Kiku. Looking to your right to see Arthur looking at you, his eyes wide and full of fear for you, while Kiku stood right next to him. Worry also written on his face as he walked closer towards you, placing a hand on Arthur's shoulder he said. " you must go you cannot stay here while we do the check up."

Looking at Kiku, then back to you, Arthur took your hand into his as he spoke. "(Y_n)...I'm sitting right usual...if you need me...just call for me I'll come in here with you." nodding your head yes, smiling because Arthur would always say this to you. Telling you that if you were in pain, or you just needed him he would be right outside the door, but he would bust it down like a bat out of hell if you were screaming for him again.

Like you do when you dream.

Leaving the room, after hearing an okay from you. Arthur turned back one last time, sending you a small wave, but you were unable to ignore the worry written all over his face. Smiling Kiku started his usual check up that he always dose when you come for a visit. Asking you to put on your vest that would protect you from the radiation created by the x-ray machine. After the x-rays were over Kiku allowed you to eat a small snack, while looking at the x-rays, a small smile on his face as he turned around to face you.

"Well, (y_n) the cancer seems to have not spread at all.  Alright...have you experienced any chest pains or coughing up blood or shortness of breath? "

"All no..."

"Any wheezing or shortness of breath?" Kiku asked, marking off on his usual piece of paper, "No...Kiku you know that I've improved since Arthur started living with why do you ask me these same questions every time I come for a check up?" looking up from his clipboard, Kiku placed it to the side as he said. " are the son of a friend I am very found of. May he rest in peace...but....I think he would want for me to ask you these questions..after all he had lung cancer just like you."

"Yeah...funny thing is neither of us touched a cancer stick in our lives." you grumbled, standing up from the chair Kiku smiled, as he showed you out the door, allowing you to meet the worried expression of Arthur. The British man taking your hand into his as he looked at Kiku, "(Y_n) I-is he alright?" nodding his head yes Kiku assured Arthur that you were alright, Arthur sighed as he looked at you, saying thank you to Kiku while the two of you walked towards the front desk, paying for your visit the nurses wishing the both of you a safe trip home. Saying thank you, Arthur took your hand into his, while the two of you walked back to the car.


A knock could be heard on the door as you turned to watch as Arthur walked towards the front door. Asking who decided to interrupt his cooking dinner. Setting your magazine to the side, you walked towards the kitchen to see what Arthur was cooking, frowning while you put the lid back on the unidentifiable food in the pot. Your stomach growling, wanting real food, walking out of the kitchen you could hear Arthur say.

"Alfred? W-what are you doing here?" you could hear Alfred chuckle as he said, "Dude! I'm like here to see (y_n) Kiku told me that his check up was all in the green!" Arthur stood there, stunned while Alfred ran a hand through his hair. Arthur stood there, as if he were just shot, as if he couldn't react to Alfred touching him. "(y-y_n) is sleeping... I gave him some medication earlier and he's sleeping while I cook dinner." Alfred laughed while he said. "So your going to kill (y_n) now with your food? Gosh, and you'd think that you'd have gotten better at cooking after we broke up."

Broke up...?
Broke up?!?

That's when the memory hit you, the reason Arthur seemed sad all the time. He was going out with Alfred when you were diagnosed with the lung cancer. Calling Arthur every day for him to come over here and help you out, had put a strain on his and Alfred's relationship, causing unneeded tension, until the two broke up. You couldn't bare to see Arthur like that, sad and empty, so you told the British man that he could live with you. was your fault that he and Alfred broke'll have to save Arthur one more time.

Reaching out with your hands, you covered Arthur's eyes with your hand as you looked Alfred right in the eyes as you growled. "Arthur's living here with me...he's happy here...and I promise you...that I'll take care of him and love him with all of my heart." with that you slammed the door in Alfred's face but not before you could see a smile form on his face while Arthur decided to freak out and scream at you after you closed the door.

"Why would you say something like that (y_n)?! I know that you don't feel the same way! I know that you...that you....that you..."

"I love you...I love you Arthur..."

"Shut up stop lying to me! That's what Alfred told me!" Arthur screamed, reaching out with your hand, holding his chin in place, looking down into those sad emerald green eyes you smiled as you said. "I promise you this Arthur....I'll love you till the day I die."

Arthur stood there frozen in place by your words, leaning down you placed a kiss on his lips pulling away you could hear Arthur mumble. "You'd better not die you stupid bloody git..." chuckling you replied. "Hahah, I won't Arthur...I won't...but you should really go and save dinner...I think it's burning." pulling away from you Arthur screamed, crying about how dinner was ruined. Smiling, you forced Arthur to eat American take out for dinner.  
Yeah~ England one-shot done! I'm feeling happy with myself, I'd written this along with Itay's one-shot but...I'm posting England's today. Sorry if this isn't good... ;~; Gonna post Spain's later on today hopefully.

I'm waiting for The Hobbit to come out to theaters! Only nine more days! YES!!! bricked

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Pirate!England: [link]

England (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself or ---> :iconsexyenglandplz:
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Dinky: Oh loren you know you only love his BRITISH ACCENT!~
Loren: Not just the accent!
Britain: What is this about a british accent?
Loren: *Melts*
Dinky: Keep talking and maybe he will nosebleed.
Britain: Why the bloody hell would i do that?!
Loren: I love you Arthur marry me~
Dinky: Woah, Loren calm yo behind down.
Britain: ...Loren darling~ You dont happen to like my accent do you , love?
Loren: F--- Yes i do! *Makeout session with 
Dinky: *Evil laugh* Leaving now...*Places video camera on fireplace...and leaves it on whilst leaving*
~~~~~EXTRA ENDING!~~~~~~~
*Both Loren and Britain are asleep on couch*
Dinky: *Takes camera* Moohahahahaha!
Britain: I already threw the tape in the fire love.
Dinky: Fuck. *Runs*
Britain: You have been watching too much Doctor who...
Loren: There is never enough Doctor who.

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This food is clearly unappetizing that bloody twat has no taste!
Thure engwan' iths 'ot delithcious at 'll (sure england it's not delicious at all))
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Kenny: oh god I thought I was gonna die!!! His f-food was there!
Oh I thought you where scared of the lung cancer....damn why didn't you eat the Iggy's food.
Kenny: yeah she doesn't like me.

I'm still mad but hey the hero can't always be Al now can it?
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Yes~ Arthur everyone is happy when your happy. c:
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(Lol the male me is a little a tsundere ^^)
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xDD Italy what are you doing there? Haha, thank you for pointing that out. c:
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