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December 17, 2012
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Servant of Evil

You are my master
And I am your servant.
Destiny divided two pitiful lovers.
If it's to protect you, I'll become evil just for you.

Watching you with a smiling face, a crown of flowers placed atop of my head your smiles and giggles melting the ice around my heart. You are the prince, my master you are not allowed to be where the soldiers are trained. Though you come here everyday, not caring about the punishment that awaits you, just to make me smile. Thought, I to decided not to care, your smiles and laughter becoming my light I guess that I'd become greedy over time. One day you visited me, telling me that we were both born blessed by the church bell. Only for our happy times with one another were soon to be torn apart, the guard grabbing my wrist, your father carrying you away.

Screaming and crying I wanted to return to you yet...I wasn't strong enough.

You are my master.
I am your servant.
Destiny divided two pitiful lovers.
If it's to protect you, I'll become evil for just you.

Many years had passed since the day we were torn apart, you slowly becoming a different person. Yet, around me you wouldn't only smile so sweetly. Pulling at my heart strings, I would lay my hand over my heart. Praying, and wondering when will this pain for me ever stop? Why are you treating me so differently  Is it because of the things that you told me, that you loved me when we were young? I'm not sure how I can believe you....when you claim to love me you seem to be two different people.

One day you'd sent me on a business to the next country over. Having met a boy who reminds me so much of you. His happy outlook on life causing me to smile, I would enjoy what time I had of with him than being with you. With his kind voice, and smiling face he captivated me so deeply, I wanted for you so badly to meet this boy in hopes that he would make you remember whom you used to be.

But if my master wishes for the boy to die.
I will answer that call with out hesitation.
But...I wonder why these tears won't seem to stop...

The boy's death caused sadness to spread through the land, while you sit upon your throne, treating me as if I were a toy. Your personal slave, even though I'm merely the one who was chosen to stay by your side, as your guard and the one to sacrifice his life just for you to survive. Though you asked me to kill the boy, I cannot entirely hate you....I'd forgotten how you hate to share things since you've lost so much as a child.

Holding a tray of your favorite snacks in my hands, your smile warming my heart to its very core. Making what ever hate I felt for you slowly fade away. Eating the treats from my very hand, you sat there smiling, not wanting to make eye contact. Leaning forward I closed the gap, licking the food crumbs that lay there forgotten near your lips. A blush spreading across your face before you pushed me away, my hand wrapping around your wrist, averting your eyes from mine leaving small butterfly kisses on your neck, the night slowly faded away into black.

It wasn't long after that night that the towns people angered by the boys death descended upon the castle. Holding your hand in mine, I could feel that you were trembling with fear, unsure of what to do, I bit my lip and did the only thing I could think of. "Kiku...we must switch places, if we do not do this fast enough then you will perish, so make haste and switch clothes with me."

Kiku stared at you, his eyes wide with fear. "B-but that will mean that you'll die instead of me! No! No, I refuse to allow you to die! Let's just runaway togeather (y_n) a place where these people cannot find us!" tears streaming down your face, I couldn't help but hold you close, slowly removing the clothing on your body, kissing away the tears, trailing butterfly kisses from your crying eyes to your neck where I left my mark.

Pulling away I held you close, holding back my own tears as I whispered. " know that will not work. One of us has to die...and it will be me. Because...I want to you live. I'm the one who's sword killed the boy, not may have been your order...but I was the monster here that carried out your orders."

Now I am the master
And you are a fugitive
Destiny divided two pitiful lovers
If you are proclaimed as evil, then I also have the same evil running through these veins.

The clock struck three in the afternoon, soon I was too die in your place. The brother of the boy whom I killed, stood over me biting his lip he asked me if this is what I really wanted. Smiling at him, I could only say that I wanted Kiku to have a better life, though I may not be there for him, I want him to try and live on without me. My death will be his second chance at life. Something he needs even more than me, the clocks bell rung again, signalling that my death was coming near.

Yet in the crowd I could see Kiku moving about, his eyes full of tears as his eyes focused on the guillotine. The object that would be used to carry out my death sentence, turning to see the boys brother his eyes full of tears when his eyes landed on Kiku. His lips moving as he said. "Now...were both the same." The clock ringed one last time, the third bell being the last before my death.

Looking at the sky away from your tear filled eyes I mumbled. "Ah...looks like I'll be late for tea today."

A long time ago, in a certain place.
Evil people lived in a kingdom, and their ruling over all at the throne was my wonderful lover.
His brown eyes filled to the brim with tears.

Even if all of the world becomes your enemy, I will protect you.
Even at the cost of my life.
You just be somewhere laughing and smiling.

You are my master.
I am your lover.
Destiny divided to pitiful lovers.
If it's to protect you, I'll become evil for you.

But...if I were to be reborn into the same time with you once again...
Would you be my lover one more time?
Over on my Quotev account, I was told that this was sad. So, a second part is in the making for this one-shot. c: By request of the original requester. The Italy one-shot also had a request for a part 2, so that one is finished. c:

Germany: [link]
Prussia: [link]
Romano: [link]
Italy: [link]
Spain: [link]
Russia: [link]
China: [link]
Romania: [link]
South Korea:[link]
Denmark: [link]
Norway: [link]
Japan Pt. 2: [link]
Netherlands: [link]
Pirate!England: [link]

Japan(c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Song (c) Kagamine Len
You (c) Yourself or ---> :iconsexyjapanplz:
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I'm about to get killed.
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