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February 5, 2013
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Taking Care Of You.....
2P!America x Male!Child!Reader
Chapter One: Hangovers and Kids

[ Alexander's P.O.V ]

"Alex....Alex...hey Alex answer me right now!" the familiar shrill scream of (y_n) reached my ears. Pulling me out of my drunken stupor, turning around to look down at the smiling face of (y_n), resisting the urge to punch that stupid shit eating grin off face. Warmth and love radiated from the younger boy's toothy grin.

Sighing while running a hand through my tousled, just had sex (and beer, lots and lots of good old American beer) I mumbled. "Morning (y_n)...what do you want you little shit?" taking a quick glance at my watch I groaned because I'd forgotten that the battery was dead, "Its too early for your questions....and why are you not a school you little shit?" my words turned into a slurred and jumbled mess.

(Y_n) tilted his head to the side before grabbing my hand with those semi-meaty children fingers. "'s six-thirty pm. Schools been out for three hours and thirty minuets, and besides who would want to be a collage drop out like you Alex?"

Ouch, sharp tongue as usual.... brats got nerves of steel talking to me like I'm some five year old. (Y_n) proceeded to shake his head as if I disappointed him. "Oooooh~ so you've learned to tell time now (y_n)? So can you change your own diapers?" a small chuckle rolled off my tongue, causing (y_n) to narrow his (e_c) orbs while mumbling.

"Alfred....I'm in the fifth grade. I haven't worn diapers since I was in Kindergarten... you should know this because Grandma told me that you had to change my diapers a few times." another shit eating grin appeared on (y_n)'s face, sending a small glare at the annoying child I wrapped my hand around his wrist and pulled him along.

Tugging harder than needed on his frail wrist I mumbled. " know that hangovers plus little kids like you do not mix in any sort of way?" (y_n) smiled while he said, "Yeah....I know....but at least I was here to wake you up before anything bad could happen to you."

(Y_n)'s tone was soft, and kind. Causing me to worry about the child's metal stability, after all this is the same kid who hates my guts. What with me having parts in the apartment right next to his....then walking him to the bus stop completely plastered from said party.

"Hey....what happened to you being an evil little shit? What...are you Stirling to like me now?" I joked, poking fun at the child walking next to me, looking up at me with those big (e_c) orbs, a toothy grin on his face (y_n) replied.

"Who told you that I did not like you to begin with? Yes, you are a bit reckless and wild but you are a very likable person...after all you've been watching over me since I've started living with Grandma."

More than a little embarrassed by what (y_n) said I was happy to let go of his hand at his apartment door, while turning to go into my own. Stopping only to look and see if (y_n) had walked into the apartment that he shares with his Grandma.

Sending me another toothy grin, and a small smile (y_n) spoke.

"Hahah, if we have any leftovers left I'll bring you some in the morning Alexander...just make sure that you avoid drinking tonight. Your not the happiest in the morning after drinking..."

Closing the apartment door, I proceeded to walk into my own stretching my arms while listening to the symphony of my back popping. Falling down onto the couch, I groaned happily while kicking off my shoes and turning on the TV my eyes landing on the empty KFC bucket, and random assortment of glass liquor bottles.

A small smile formed on my face I mumbled. "Well get your wish tonight. No drinking for me....that is until tomorrow...."
Summary: Alexander F. Jones did not expect to be taking care of his neighbors ten year old grandson when she passed away, little did he expect that she would leave said child in his care....but the question is will Alexander be able to take care of the child or will something horrible tear them apart? [Other 2P!Characters will appear as well]

So, I do hope that you enjoyed reading this! Hell, I just had to write this idea and post it! 2P!America taking care of a seven year old kid seemed priceless in my mind....I just could not allow myself to pass it up. I do hope that you enjoyed it as well, I liked this idea it seemed like a happy distraction from my Grandfather's death a few days ago.

This idea is just to cute to let it go! Sorry that it was short, but the second chapter will be longer!

Chapter Two > [link]

America/Hetalia (c)
You (c) Yourself or -----> :iconsexyamericaplz:
Story (c) Me
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erikat-shepard Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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Then i read the summary and whoopsy, finger slipped onto the next chapter button.
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Alexander is my male name cause I'm alexandra...
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MarshaDecamiro Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
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