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November 10, 2012
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Taking Care Of Children

Child!Lithuania x Reader x Child!Poland

Though the task is time consuming, uneventful, and low paying. You love taking care of the cute little neighbors children, Lithuania and Poland. While Lithuania is a bit older than Poland, the young blond boy watches out for him, protecting him from anyone who tries to bully him. Lithuania watches out for Poland as well, since the boy is a bit shy, and likes to wear girls clothes he protects Poland from the people who try to hurt, his friend.

Though you may love them to pieces, and you would do anything for them. Even throw yourself in front of a bullet for them…you hadn't expected that their parents would go missing and you'd be stuck taking care of them.

Looking down at the two sleeping forms on your bed, you felt horrible for being late to pick them up. But a huge wave of people invaded the tea and cakes shop that you work at, forcing you back out onto the floor to help wait tables, deliver food, and man the cash register.

And…well lets just say your later than acceptable late by the day care center where you dropped of Lithuania and Poland was not acceptable. The day care manager chewed you out, making you feel lower than dirt and calling you a bad caretaker in their parents absence.

Apologizing you carried the two drowsy boys in your arms, wrapping your fluffy jacket around you to protect them from the cold. Upon returning home, the boys started to wake up, cuddling further into your jacket, holding each others hands, the cute site made you melt right on sight.

Laying the two children on your bed, unwrapping them from the jacket, pulling your (f_c) bed sheets over the two boys, grabbing a pillow so they could have something to elevate their heads above chest level. Walking back towards the kitchen you washed what little dishes you were unable to do this morning before leaving for work.

Humming the lullaby you sing to put Lithuania and Poland to sleep while putting things away, and having a nice cup of coffee you walked towards the couch once you were done, grabbing your small warm throw blanket you turned the TV on, watching the news and getting ready to go to sleep.

Only to feel something climbing up onto the couch with you, snuggling against your warmth. Looking at your sides to see Poland on the left and Lithuania on the right the two boys hands filled with the fabric of your throw blanket, looking down at them you rubbed their backs, Lithuania looked at you his big brown eyes full of joy as he said.

"(Y_n)! How was work, did something happen? You were late…."

Smiling, you chuckled placing a small kiss on top of his head of fluffy brown hair, earning a small giggle from the child you replied. "Yeah, I was forced out onto the floor to help with the huge crowd of people that walked in."

Poland pulled at your left arm, wanting some attention as well. "The kids said that because your not our real mommy is why you didn't come on time….they said that you didn't love us….that you were going to leave us." feeling your inner motherly instincts kick in, you set your coffee cup to the side, scooping Lithuania and Poland into your arms, walking towards your bed room, throwing your back on your bed holding the two boys close to your chest.

"Hey, do you two hear that?" listening to the sound of your heart beat the boys nodded yes, "You see that….I do not have to be your real mommy to love you and treat you as my own. I love you, regardless of what other people say, even if were not related by blood I'm here for you two…so don't let anyone tell you different okay?"

Happy with your answer, you pulled the sheets over all three of you, the boys going to each side of you, laying as close to you as they could Poland and Lithuania sighed in content, happy to just have you here with them, holding them close and comforting them when their parents disappeared, and loving them as if they were your own children, even though you are still a child all on your own.

Your mind drifting in-between dreams and reality you could have sworn you heard Poland say.

"Besides…me and Lithuania like you as our mommy even better."
I hope that you like the fluffy-ness of his one-shot. I know I did, I had so much fun typing this up!! ;~; The fluffy killed meh.

Hetalia/Lithuania/Poland (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) You
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