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Rainy Mornings [HoennChampionShipping]
The first thing Steven heard was the soft pitter-pattering sounds of rain. Pushing himself up from his sleeping position Steven looked out of the window. The sky was a mixture of large, greyish-black and tar colored clouds slowly moving in. The sounds slowly changed from the soft rain that had awoken him to an angry tapping sound against the window, almost as if a thousand tiny little bees were hitting his window.
“Steven…? What time is it?” May asked, her words sounding a little slurred due to her sleepy state. Her hand searched for his until she found it lingering above the covers. A small smile formed on Steven’s lips before he entwined his fingers with May’s, earning a small, sleepy smile from her.
His large, calloused hand seemed to completely swallow her smaller, more delicate looking hand. Raising their entwined hands to his lips Steven placed a short and sweet kiss on May’s knuckles. Moving his lips away from her knuckles he replied, “I
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 3 1
01. Holding Hands [SpecialShipping]
Today was the day. The day of his and Yellow’s first real date and Red could barely contain his excitement. It was early in the morning and the sun wasn’t quite out yet. Red was finding it hard to stay asleep due to pre-date jitters, so to kill time he researched the best places he could take Yellow for their date. Even through all of his excitement, however, Red’s brain eventually decided for him that he needed some form of rest, and the boy dozed off. Two hours later Red awoke feeling rested and not as nervous, ready for his and Yellow’s date.
Sliding on his shoes and grabbing his PokéGear, Red left the small apartment that he was renting in Goldenrod City to stop by a flower shop before meeting up with Yellow.
A flower to show her how he feels about her; that’s what he needed. Red tilted his head, looking at the vast arrangements that were on offer. Rose, maybe? No, no- it’s not good to gives those on a first date, is it? Something like that
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 6 3
dA ID Update by MarshaDecamiro dA ID Update :iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 8 5
Happy Anniversary [ England x Reader]
нαρρу αηηινєяѕαяу [ England x Reader]
You know that he tries-- that he looks at any situation only seeing the best of outcomes possible. He wanted to make something special to make today feel as grand as it should since today would be the first time in almost two months you've seen one another awake and not busy with work for your country.
After all it is your thousandth anniversary today-- you know that England tries but he's not the best alone in the kitchen.
Still you couldn't help but choke back a small giggle, you could see his eyes filled with tiny tears of frustration. Unsure of what to do with the burnt mess in the pan England moved to throw it in the trashcan, telling you that it was not good. That he failed to follow the directions right and that you would get sick if you were to eat it.
It must have been hard with his pride to say that aloud. Ignoring his words you plucked a small piece of bu
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 15 2
Taking Care of You 2P!America x M!Child!Reader 3
Taking Care Of You.....
2P!America x Male!Child!Reader
Chapter Three: Alone
[ Alexander's P.O.V ]
I remember now why I hated the rain. It's so fucking depressing to watch but it makes for a nice lullaby. I guess, I really hate the rain because it's how I met Oliver. After hitting a guy with a car in the heavy raining season... how else am I supposed to feel?
Then again, (y_n) likes to play in the rain. I would watch the little shit play around in the rain, jumping into puddles. Running around in his light blue rain coat, as if the little shit didn't have a care in the world. Wait... what time is it? Looking at my cell phone I noticed that it was 12:30 am.... the hell? Why isn't he at school?
Standing up I walked towards the door, grabbing a random pair of shoes (which ended up being my house slippers) and running out to see why the little shit wasn't at school. Jumping down the occasional stair I soon found myself standing
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 86 16
Dragon Age Origin Head Cannon[M!M!Warden x Zevran]
Dragon Age: Origin's Head Cannon Away~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
First I think we need to know a bit about my dear little human male mage Janus Amell. With basically the personality I chose for him. I apologize if this is boring to anyone just skip to the Head Cannon below this.
Janus Amell:
:bulletblue: Male
:bulletblue: Human
:bulletblue: Mage
:bulletblue: Only Child
:bulletblue: 19 Years of Age (until I feel like changing it)
:bulletblue: Was taken to the Circle at the age of six
:bulletblue: Shy, Closed off and basically uneasy around a large group of people
:bulletblue: But he trust his rag tag group of friends with his life.
:bulletblue: A bit selfish and cold but warm and kind when needed
:bulletblue: Clueless about the outside world; freaked when he left the tower passing out once he made it across the lake.
[Bullet; Blue] Know for having a split personality; often used as a reference to his name by Jowen.
[Bullet; Blue] Many call him Janny
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 3 0
MakoHaru ABC's [ B is For]
[ B is for вαвιєѕ ]
"Haruka! Haru!" Makoto yelled excitedly, knocking on the door. Makoto's knocking filled the silent house, causing Haruka to stop peeling the oranges with his Grandmother. After seeing a small nod from the elderly woman telling him it was okay, Haruka got up and went to answer the door where Makoto was waiting.
Opening the door Haruka was slightly startled when Makoto grabbed his hand, shaking it. Makoto's face was a bright red, his breathing a little shaky. Haruka guessed that Makoto had run all the way from his house to here.
"Makoto…is something wrong?" Haruka asked. Haruka glanced back at his Grandmother, who stood beside him a soft smile on her face as if she already knew the answer to Makoto's excitement.
"I'm a big brother now, Haru!" Makoto's eyes sparkled. Haruka found himself smiling a little bit while Makoto shook his hand. "Moms out of the hospital now. We're staying with Grandma for now… Haruka, I want you
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 12 0
MakoHaru ABC's [ A is For]
[ A is for αɴхιoυѕ ]
The familiar sizzling sound of meat cooking filled the kitchen, the smell of mackerel floating through-out the house. Moving the mackerel from side to side to cook it thoroughly Haruka sighed. Haruka glanced at the digital clock that sat atop of the TV in the family area, the blurry numbers reading ten forty-five p.m.
A small gnawing of worry started to eat away at the edges of Haruka's mind. What's taking Makoto so long? Why has he not returned yet? Did something happen at work... or was the train delayed perhaps by a problem of some sort? Or maybe something- no; Haruka could not allow himself to start thinking that way.
Makoto is alright. Any moment now the tall kindhearted, brunette with his warm, emerald eyes would walk through the door and announce that he was home. Haruka's grip on his cooking chopsticks tightened. Why must he feel so anxious? Makoto has been late this is nothing new. Yet here he was, worrying a
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 26 2
ReiGisa | Selfies For You|
ѕєℓƒιєѕ ƒσя уσυ
"A week...?" Nagisa mumbled Rei not liking the way the word rolled off of his tongue, the word 'week' suddenly sounding dirty and unclean when spoken by Nagisa. Averting his gaze to push his glasses further onto his nose (though Rei knew they could move no further) to avoid looking directly at Nagisa. The boy with his wheat blond hair looked at him sadness that was soon hidden by a thick layer of wool (Nagisa's smile acting as the wool) from Rei's eyes when Nagisa spoke.
"It can't be helped Rei-chan! Family is important!" Nagisa jumped up from Rei's bed patting him on the shoulder as if to tell him that everything would be alright, "We can go on a date again Rei-chan."
' were so excited to go and see the movie. Why is it that you suddenly do not care?' Rei was confused, his own emotions a mixed up jumble. If only his heart could be solved with a formula- then maybe he could also fix Na
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 11 0
Baking Problems [HonorShipping]
Something special, something simple and tasty. Cookies are the perfect treat to eat with Morty. A small smile crept onto Falkner's face while sliding the tray of cookies into the oven causing his eyes to water when the heat curled out of the oven hitting his face.
Closing the oven with a happy sigh Falkner went about cleaning the small mess he'd made while mixing the batter for the cookies and the utensils that he'd used.
Washing the dishes with a soft smile on his face Falkner dried and placed the dishes in their appropriate places grabbing a small pack of Lava Cookies Falkner took a seat in the living room.
Turning on the TV he settled down with a small pillow in hand holding it close to him while watching a game channel where people had to hit buttons and guess the Pokémon right.
Another one was about younger children guessing what Pokémon via the shadow. Falkner couldn't help but smile and chuckle at the sight of the younger children guessing which Pokémon.
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 6 1
The Movie Can Wait [HonorShipping]
Four weeks. That’s how long it’s been since they’ve been able to see one another face to face phone calls shared between the two were nice. Comforting and helped the other relax.
Just knowing that the other was alive really made everything feel alright. Their voices wrapping around one another whispering sweet nothing with voices that they could not hear.
Only to end when the other realized how late it was- then the cold and feeling of emptiness would return. With that loneliness would set in and nothing else mattered except holding a pillow with their lingering scent close to comfort them.
Excited to see one another again after four weeks they decided that they would just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Falkner picked a romantic comedy that he thought Morty would like.
But the blond seemed more interested in him than the movie. Wrapping the blanket around him and holding Falkner close Morty set his chin atop of the crown of Faulkner’s head.
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 5 6
Dragon's Mate [Denmark x Male!Reader]
Dragon's Mate
Denmark x Male!Reader
Notice: A tiny hit of the 'do' is happening in here. If you cannot take it do not read it.
Greedy and uncaring, but at the same time loving and timid. That's how your dragon is-- your dragon and yours alone.  A sly tyrant of the skies, his people once ruled the world along side their chosen 'mate' holding them above all else and cherishing them like the jewels they really are. Even with this war between countries going on... you often ask yourself... why does he do this?
Why does he even bed you knowing full and well that you will not conceive a child? That his blood line will not continue? Why... why does he continue to do this? Humans deciding that the people of his kind were too strong-- binding them to another to create a type of 'weakness' in them. Women were often chosen for this-- being the ones to call to the dragon with their blood and to hear their 'voice' when they are changed.
But now... the last dragon is of
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 310 25
Cuddling [Jean x Marco]
Cuddling… it’s not something Jean likes doing but— if Marco wants to do it then he would have no choice but to say yes. Not wanting to see his freckled faced lover with a sad smile thus turning his back to him for the entire night.
Cuddling makes Jean feel weak— too hot and vulnerable to the other. The heat making it difficult to sleep causing Jean to focus on the blood rushing through Marco’s veins and the slow even beating of his heart.
Yet, somewhere in the back of his mind Jean cannot help but feel happy. While cuddling is not something he likes doing it allows Jean to know that the other is alive and safe. Safe in his arms— or safe in his arms in the end Jean cares not whose holding whom.
Tightening his hold around Marco’s waist placing his ear against Marco’s chest telling himself that Marco was alive. That his freckled lover was still here— not dead like in his nightmares.
And if momentary discomfort and additional heat is w
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 1 0
Broken but Whole [Jean x Marco]
That was the only word that came to Marco’s mind, looking at his now dis- formed self in the mirror. The accident that happened four years ago still fresh in his mind— the agonizing pain, the numbness and haze that had settled over the right side of his body.
And then to learn the full gravity of how serous his wounds from the accident… His face slightly burned on the right due to the fire that licked his skin with glee stealing away a bit of his sight as well— just remembering it was enough to send his still shattered mind into panic.
He could not look at himself in the mirror. He hated how Jean’s usual smiling face was replaced with worry when he was able to see him— Jean’s warm brown eyes were puffy and slightly red.
He made him cry.
His best friend turned lover wrapped his arms around his shoulders (ignoring the missing arm and the bandages wrapped around his burns) allowing those beautiful warm brown eyes to be over run by tea
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 1 1
HonorShipping [AU]
”Morty… when was the last time you tended to your daily needs?” Falkner growled, not liking how the older male allowed himself to live. Having taken it upon himself to take care of his flatmate.
Having accepted the terms and conditions of living with Morty Falkner moved in without a second thought— the rent was in his price range and Morty payed him whenever he helped him with his writing.
Morty being a popular writer for female writers (and a few males whom liked is writing) always wanted to be a few steps ahead… but that often lead to the lump that he’s currently looking at.
But— being busy with both work and collage Falkner has not had enough spare time to keep a good watch on Morty. For the pitiful lump lying half awake underneath his kotatsu. Crumbled wads of paper lying here and there— dishes and whatnot lying all around him.
An over worked lump that does not know his own limits.
Pulling Morty out from underneath the kotatsu made
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 11 1
Fair Enough Trade [Eren Jaeger x Reader]
It couldn't be helped... just for now you would allow yourself to become a safe haven. You would allow yourself a moment of weakness-- you would protect this boy no matter what the cost you might have to pay. You would chase away his fears; the nightmares anything that threatened to take his life.
You would become his sword and shield. You swore to it the day his facade crumbled, screaming and crying like a child you held him. Running your hand through his chestnut brown locks you hummed a soothing tune. Eren calmed down after that, falling into a blissful sleep.
Even now... you could still feel Eren's hand holding onto the fabric of your uniform-- as if you were the only thing real at that moment. Your eyes full of malice at the nearing Female Titan. Yes... even now you would protect him.
It was fast-- you almost missed the pain that wracked your body when it was slammed into a nearby tree. Such force should have killed you instantly but you were lucky-- you could hear Eren screaming
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 39 5
Hahahah...I can't write but I still post my stuff! :icondealwithittrollplz:


Holiday Card Project 2012

It's back!  With the goal of bringing a little cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the deviantART Holiday Card Project connects deviants from around the world and applies their tremendous artistic abilities in designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In past years, the Project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 1,000 deviants from 50 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed in-person by deviantART members to local Los Angeles, CA hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who submits a card will be given a free one-month Premium Membership to deviant
:iconheidi:Heidi 4,870 6,951
water on the leaves by mon-amourr water on the leaves :iconmon-amourr:mon-amourr 1 0 plants by mon-amourr plants :iconmon-amourr:mon-amourr 1 0
Mature content
Don't be afraid :iconmon-amourr:mon-amourr 7 3
so HAPPY by maonoya so HAPPY :iconmaonoya:maonoya 265 54 Comic Cover: Traitor! by TheFurryNamedConie Comic Cover: Traitor! :iconthefurrynamedconie:TheFurryNamedConie 2 6 Traitor! Pg. 1 by TheFurryNamedConie Traitor! Pg. 1 :iconthefurrynamedconie:TheFurryNamedConie 3 8 Man Who Wears a Box by YummeuhMangoes Man Who Wears a Box :iconyummeuhmangoes:YummeuhMangoes 27 19 Lone Survivor by Kaktus-chan Lone Survivor :iconkaktus-chan:Kaktus-chan 194 11
Higurashi Moratorium English Translyrics
I was born into a simple world,
And it looked like a world that was dyed in black,
For someone to have to spend life like this,
It's like they were obliged,
Ah, never, never, never do I want to lose that voice,
All creation will arise as an undefeated force,
As I continue to speak of disaster,
It hurts, it hurts my heart won't ever rest,
Well there's really no difference,
A feather floats in the breeze,
(It hurts, it hurts, I want to die)
Sounds begin to overlap the coming of the end,
And we insects play in it's reverb,
I cannot synergize with this distortion,
Only tremble,
Do you understand? Can you understand?
Do you know what it's like to want to fly away from here?
I try to understand what you're feeling,
All the while we're still trapped in this,
Frozen, frozen Moratorium,
All that is in this horrendous world,
Engrave their pity upon others,
If you really feel that way,
Then don't you dare point a finger at me,
I'm on the verge of becoming a petty nuisance,
Groping blindly in this
:iconholyhan:HolyHan 10 7
Fangirl Fodder by Naomi-Guardian Fangirl Fodder :iconnaomi-guardian:Naomi-Guardian 280 57 Joseph Is . . . by Naomi-Guardian Joseph Is . . . :iconnaomi-guardian:Naomi-Guardian 497 330 Tutorial : Shoes with Worbla by Lumis-Mirage Tutorial : Shoes with Worbla :iconlumis-mirage:Lumis-Mirage 1,728 60 Red's State Of Mind by The-EverLasting-Ash Red's State Of Mind :iconthe-everlasting-ash:The-EverLasting-Ash 236 6 Asbel x Richard 1 - ?????? by Eko-chan Asbel x Richard 1 - ?????? :iconeko-chan:Eko-chan 125 44 PW x KHR - Papa by XoverLover PW x KHR - Papa :iconxoverlover:XoverLover 176 26
Look at these amazing artist/writers!


:iconxxxpsychomonsterxxx: :iconblueonigiri-chan: :iconxxxenxx: :iconrivalkamon: :icondieing-life: :iconfreedom-lover: :iconchibidenmarkluver123: :iconskyeblitz: :iconanamd14: :iconmeruna-chan: :iconmon-amourr: :iconscorcheddemon: :icondarkpok3girl: :iconlionsmoon: :iconkael1030: :iconpurplexmelody: :iconnyeka: :iconbloodyangel6: :iconacidum07: :iconhana-shiro:



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Marsha || 8/1/94 || Female || Procrastinator || Someone Who Loves Too Many Fictional Characters ||

I play a multitude of video games.
I tinker around in far too many fandoms, so just ask if you would like to know what fandom's I am in.
I support Hetrosexual and Homosexual Shipping's in my fandom's.
If you do not like what I ship then that is alright, to each their own guys.


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Okay so I'm sort of coming back. Sorry for the journals I've made saying that I'll add updates and other things, but everything I would go to add something I would just sort of not since I've been gone for so long. 

So I'm going to try again! I might get distracted by Alpha Sapphire, but I hopefully will be adding new things in a weeks time! 
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