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Prussia x Male!Reader

"And stay down this time Gilbert!" the taunting voice the of Gilbert's  neighborhood gang yelled down at him. Spitting on his beaten and bleeding form, Gilbert stood up, turning to the right only to see the startled face of a boy about his age. Clutching a paper back book close to his chest, probably because he'd just seen the end of the fight. "A-are you alright?" the boy asked, reaching out with one hand to touch Gilbert's face, not sure of how to react Gilbert merely braced himself for the boy's hand to lash out at him, only for the hand to caress his face with some hesitance. The boy's finger tips soft, and warm allowed Gilbert to relax a little bit more, feeling no hostility from the boy or malicious intent to harm his already bruised and bleeding from.

"Ah, here please come inside and I can doctor a few of these wounds." Gilbert merely started at the boy, unsure of why he was being so nice to him, well other than the obvious beating he'd just received the boy seemed unafraid of him. Sighing, Gilbert followed the boy inside the small building, his eyes scanning the house he'd just entered to learn that it's actually a bookstore, and behind the counter the boy produced a first aid kit out of thin air.

Tottering towards him, the boy started to take out bandages, gauze, peroxide, and started to go at his wounds. Jumping a few times because of the pain and the boy would apply too much pressure every now and then when stopping the bleeding from the wounds he's just disinfected. Apologizing over and over again for the pain he caused Gilbert, the silver haired German merely watched as the boy opened another box of bandages, opening them up a small yellow bird on them he decided to speak. "You know I'm like them...I hurt people so vhy did you let me in here after vhat you saw?"

Looking up at Gilbert the boys (e_c) orbs full of shock as he said. "Ah, I had a feeling you were do not act like them at all. I saw from the beginning you were protecting a girl that they were harassing, and then the fight ended up being brought all the way over tow my Grandfather's shop and ending here." applying the last bandage to Gilbert's wound the boy sighed, standing up he looked Gilbert over one more time as he picked up the trash and medical kit. Walking back behind the counter he asked, "Ah, do you read what's your name if I might ask?"

Gilbert stood there shocked as he scratched the back of his head saying. "Ah, it's Gilbert Belischmidt...and no my brother West mostly reads books since he's a bookworm. Vhat's your name?" the boy smiled as he said. "Ah, my name is (y_n)~ and I have a book for you or your brother  to read."  grabbing a book from the shelf behind the desk, (y_n) handed it to Gilbert, taking the book into his hand Gilbert frowned at the book as he slammed it on the front desk yelling.

"Fighting for Dummies! Vhat the hell are you trying to say to me (y_n)?!" you couldn't help but laugh at Gilbert's reaction, his face a very slight pink (from anger or embarrassment who knows). "Well Gilbert, I'm trying to give you something that will show you how to avoid fight and maybe win those said fights." Biting the inside of his mouth Gilbert mumbled, "Stupid boy...." smiling you retorted. "Stupid albino~"


The sound of the bell on the door of your shop jingled, letting you know that you have a customer, looking at the doorway your eyes landed on the familiar silver hair of Gilbert, smiling you walked out from behind the counter towards Gilbert, This process has been continuing for the past few weeks, almost a month. Gilbert would come to your shop after school ended and he would hang out with you until it was closing time.

Tonight you planned to ask Gilbert if he would like to stay and eat dinner with you, after showing Gilbert to your bathroom (amazing this is the first time he's ever asked to use your bathroom)  but after showing Gilbert to the bathroom  a crashing sound was heard, and something hit you upside the head. Sending you to the ground, your vision swimming in pain, you could see the familiar shoes that Gilbert wears in front of your eyes.

Reaching out to touch Gilbert's shoes instead you found yourself being pulled close to Gilbert's chest, the silver haired teen running up the stairs towards your bedroom, quickly checking the wound on your head. You could smell the blood, and feel the hot liquid running down your cheek. Gilbert looked frantic, his red eyes full of worry while screaming for yous to stay awake, to stay aware of everything happening around you.

"(Y_N)! Stay awake! Do not fall asleep on me! Do not close your not...don't...don't..." you could see that Gilbert was trembling, his red eyes now glazed over by tears, a smile formed on your face as you reached out and caressed Gilbert's face with the same tenderness when you treated his wounds. Gilbert flinched, before relaxing at the comforting touch. Once you were completely doctored up, Gilbert stood up. Looking down at your sleeping form, his loose hands turning into fist. Walking out of your shop Gilbert decided that he would go and deal with the people who hurt you.

After all...he cherishes the friendship he was able to create with you. The funny, nice, and a bit blunt boy that he met on a whim. The boy who approached him after he was just beaten in a fight. No fear in his eyes, dragging him into the shop to doctor him. Gilbert still remembers every single day he's spent with you as if everything had only happened yesterday.

Standing in front of his opponents that had caused you harm, a cocky smile on their ugly faces as they said. "Ah, so you decided to come eh Gilbert~ gonna lose again?" the three men joked, laughing while Gilbert stood there, staring at them. Thinking only about (y_n) and how he was doing. This is a fight that he couldn't afford to lose.

"You can hurt me all you want....but....the moment you hurt (y_n)...the moment you threatened his life. You might as vell have forfeited yours."


Slowly opening your eyes, you found yourself being held close to Gilbert, the sleeping teen holding onto you tightly. Blinking a few times you could see that his lip was busted open, a bruise had started to form around his eye, leaving an ugly purple/black bruise on his fair skin. But...even though he was hurt, knowing that you couldn't help but smile, reaching up with your hand you moved some of his bangs off his forehead.

Pushing yourself up just enough you placed a small kiss on his forehead, pulling away you mumbled.

"Dummy....I cherish our friendship as well...but when you go off and get hurt like really makes me want to punch you." a chuckle could be heard your (e_c) orbs meeting happy red ones. "Kesses~ as if you could hurt me (y_n)~ after all your the affectionate one in this relationship." placing a quick kiss on your lips, you sighed, as you hid your face in the hollow of Gilbert's neck, hoping that he couldn't see your blush you mumbled.

"Shut up...."
Okay, here's my Male!Reader insert for Prussia~ sorry if it wasn't onto the one-shot for Romano. c:

Germany: [link]
Romano: [link]
Italy: [link]
England: [link]
Spain: [link]
China: [link]
Male!Liechtenstein: [link]
Japan: [link]
Romania: [link]
South Korea:[link]
Denmark: [link]
Norway: [link]
Japan Pt. 2: [link]
Netherlands: [link]
Pirate!England: [link]

Prussia(c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself or ---> :iconsexyprussiaplz:
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"Hey Russia?" The country looks at Leon curiously. "Da? What is it Leon?" Leon shows a deadthly-friendly smile as he holds his hand out to him. "May I borrow your pipe please?"

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Noah: Wh-what?! I can be dominate!
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Connor: Shut up, Ez! I outta cut you!
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Connor: I-I freaking hate you...
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