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Taking Care Of You.....
2P!America x Male!Child!Reader
Chapter Two: Thank You

[ Alexander's P.O.V ]

"Bloody hell look as if Nikolai just took you outback and beat the shit out of you." the familiar British accent of Oliver Baines reached my ears, opening my two more than likely black eyes I scoffed spitting blood on the floor of Oliver's nice clean floor before saying.

"Tch, damn Russian thinks that he can do whatever he wants." moving my tongue around inside of my mouth I felt one of my permanent teeth wiggle around as if I were a child again, opening my mouth and reaching inside I ripped the tooth from my gum.

Oliver's lips curled up into a look of disgust while watching me spit on his floor once again. Placing a hand over his mouth he mumbled. "Alex...that is just sick please do not spit on my floors again it's rude."

Looking at Oliver I raised my hands (being cautions of the tooth that I'd just pulled out), "And look at how many fucks I give about it being 'rude'." moving my tongue around inside of my mouth once again, the coppery taste of my blood coating the pink muscle made me want to throw up.

Blood, if there's one thing that I hate the most is the smell and taste of blood. Standing up on my own two feet I cleared my throat, looking back at the disgusted British man before saying. "Well...lets go to work then."

Oliver nodded his head before following behind me, looking at my cellphone the time reading six - thirty am. So, this is around the time where (y_n) would be waiting for the bus...I guess that I could stop by there and say good morning to the brat or something.

Looking at Oliver I mumbled. "Hey, I have to check on the brat that lives next door. His grandma asked me to..." closing my phone Oliver nodded his head okay, so we decided to walk past (y_n)'s bus stop.

Only to find the little brat standing there and taking a beating for another little kid. Two boy's who looked much older than (y_n) stood over his smaller form punching and kicking him. My feet started moving on there own, one of the boys raised his fist to hit (y_n) again only for my hand to wrap around his wrist just in time and to knee him in the back.

His friend turned around aiming to punch me, only for my fist to connect with his bobbing Adams Apple, sending the boy to the ground struggling for air. Looking up at me with those pitiful eyes of his (y_n) mumbled.

"Thank you.... Alexander." then he just fell over, almost like what a doll would like like if a child were to knock it over from it's standing position. The boy that (y_n) had taken the beating for started shaking him, trying to wake him up, but (y_n) was in far too much pain to do much of anything.

Oliver stood behind me, horrified by what he had just witnessed, looking down at (y_n) I picked him up, the boy he was protecting teary eyes looking at me filled with knowladge that (y_n) was beaten up all because of him.

Looking at Oliver I mumbled. "Tell the boss that I won't make it in today. I've gotta take (y_n) to the hospital." Oliver nodded his head, pulling out his own phone to call the police to arrest the two older boys.


Looking at the white tiled flooring of the local walk in hospital, I couldn't help but sigh. The nurses at the front desk had barred me off from seeing (y_n), the police had stopped by to ask me a few questions.

Most of them I answered, but the questions about my own wounds still remain a mystery to them. Nikolai, God damn Russian, trying to act as if he owns the place where I work, though the idea was stupid I still took him up on his challenge to fight him.  

And guess who was the victor of that fight.

The sound of soft footsteps reached my ears, when the seat next to me was taken I looked over to see (y_n) sitting there. A few bandages placed here and there on his face, another tooth missing from his usual grin.

His head having a small bandage wrapped around it, I could only guess how his abdomen looked. By now it was probably an angry black and blue. His small hand holding onto the brown leather of my bomber jacket, I scratched the back of my head while saying.


Confused by my words (y_n) mumbled. "What are you sorry for Alexander? I'm stopped them before anything else bad could happen to me. You should feel like a hero~" I couldn't help but feel a hand wrapping around my heart when (y_n) sent me a small sweet smile.

A smile that I'd only seen a few times before when I did something to make the kid happy. But...still, if only I hadn't taken so long at Oliver's house maybe this wouldn't have happened.

"Alexander...hey are you ignoring me again?" (y_n)'s shrill screaming reached my ears again, looking down at him, my usual annoyed expression on my face I mumbled. "No...I'm just blocking out the sound of your voice from my thoughts."

Punching me in the shoulder, (y_n) puffed out his cheeks, I couldn't help but start laughing. "Hahah! You look like those angry little puffer fish that me and Oliver used to piss off when we were younger!!!"

Slapping a hand on my knees, a soft chuckle could be heard. My eyes landing on the frail and shaky form of (y_n)'s Grandma. (Y_n)'s eyes lit up at the sight of her, running towards her (slightly limping) he wrapped his arms around her legs. Causing his Grandmother to chuckle.

"Thank you for saving him really are a sweet boy." (y_n)'s Grandmother wrapped her hand around (y_n)'s slowly pulling the child towards the exist, turning around to send me a small wave (y_n) and his Grandmother were soon gone from my sight.

Standing up off the plastic chairs I couldn't help but groan, after stretching my eyes landed on a small piece of paper that was folded up where (y_n) was sitting mere seconds ago. Opening the folded up paper a smile forming on my face.

This was a thank you note from (y_n), the boy much to shy to fully express his thoughts. Folding up the note I put in on the inside pocket of my bomber jacket right over my heart. Walking out of the hospital, I decided that while making my way home I would escort (y_n) to the bus stop if I were to wake up at the right time.

Because, after all I was already picking him up in the afternoon, so what harm would it do me to walk him to the bus stop in the morning?
Summary: Alexander F. Jones did not expect to be taking care of his neighbors ten year old grandson when she passed away, little did he expect that she would leave said child in his care....but the question is will Alexander be able to take care of the child or will something horrible tear them apart? [Other 2P!Characters will appear as well]

Yeah~ so here's the second chapter! Yes, I made you get beaten up I'm sorry reader-chan!!! :iconcryforeverplz: You may throw a rock or something at me if you feel the need to.... but at least good ol Alexander will escort you to the bus stop now. c:

Next chapter is where the story will really start! With Alexander taking care of you~


Alexander F. Jones = America
Oliver Baines = England
Nikolai = Russia… < Chapter One

Chapter Three >…

America/England/Russia Hetalia (c)
You (c) Yourself or -----> :iconsexyamericaplz:
Story (c) Me
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I lacked an idea of where to go next with it but I should hopefully have an update for it with in the month. 
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MarshaDecamiro Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
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